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Telecommunications. NEARCO has worked with important multinational companies of the telecommunications sector, and has designed and established public affairs strategies for them. It has also assessed management organizations and producers for the development of telecommunications infrastructures.
Energy. NEARCO has worked with public bodies and private companies in order to develop action and services acceptability strategies with controversial social perceptions submitted to hard political and media debates.
Transport. NEARCO has participated in important infrastructure development projects which needed strategies capable of guaranteeing the authorizations of European Community, national, regional or local public powers, as well as their social acceptance.
Pharmaceutical. NEARCO has worked in the development of dialogue strategies with stakeholders for important multinational companies.
Cultural industries. NEARCO has worked in the construction of intellectual property frameworks favourable to the cultural industry and their creators.
Distribution. NEARCO has developed strategies for the adaptation of important distribution multinational companies to restrictive regulatory frames and has developed public affairs schemes for them.
Health Organizations. NEARCO has designed public positioning for health institutions.
Training. NEARCO has worked with Business Schools in order to orientate its competitive positioning.
Internationalization. NEARCO has designed action plans for international investment raising in Spanish regions.
  • Fernando el Santo 25 2º D 28010 Madrid (+34) 91 515 84 55
  • Rua Pedroso Alvarenga, 900 - 8ยบ andar. Itaim Bibi. CEP: 04531-003 São Paulo (+55) 11 25 79 55 20
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